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Nowadays the Burmese cats become more popular in Belarus and are given a second breath. New catteries and new breeders appear.

The experienced owners of pedigree cats have eagerly joined us. Many promising sires have come to reliable hands. All the breeders – cattery owners – have been trained at special “Felita” BFC courses.

In this part we present Belarusian Bombay, Burmese and Asian catteries. You will have a chance to see the catteries’ animals and the breeders’ success and plans on their web-pages.









The Asian program has already started with "SWEETLIFE" animalscattery in 2005. And the breeding has been maintained for 10 years already. in "SWEET LIFE" cattery. The first Bombay came from the US in the same The first Burmese came to Belarus in 2000. It came from the Ukraine.








«JERA» cattery is also young. But it can already present us World Champion Burmese WCF. And it has a very promising young Bombay she-cat. Maria Bulanova, a cattery breeder takes an active part in the Asian cats’ promotion as well.









«INFINITY CHARM» cattery has been recently registered. A fascinating chocolate Contemporary American Burmese (female) that came from the US in 2009 lives here.








«VILLA SOFIA» is another Burmese cattery, registered on 2010 Christmas. It has delighted Burmese fans with its first litter.













A young sire cat has come to us from the US in summer 2009. A breeder Karen Thomas named him Panthat Mir Belarusskiy of SweetLife. Here it has many fans and brides. Olga Starovoitova together with her family now cherishes this beauty.