• Победные выходные

    There are no translations available. Отличные бурманские выходные Выставки из разных городов и по разным системам порадовали результатами: 7-8 мая Краснодар WCF ...

  • Mir чемпион мира WCF

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  • ТОП-3 Москвы и Минска

    There are no translations available. Наши животные в ТОП-3 Лучшими животными в ТОП-3 выставок ТИКА в Москве и Минске были в том числе и животные из Минска нашего разведения. ...


    There are no translations available. Бурмы и бомбеи белорусского разведения закрыли высшие титулы TICA! С последних выставок TICA в этом сезоненаши животные привезли 3 высших титула TICA. ...


    There are no translations available. Есть первый GRAND CHAMPION CFA белорусского разведения!     ...

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The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (CFA), USA

CFA organized first cat shows in Buffalo and Detroit in 1906. The beginning was unpretentious and now the organization holds up to 400 shows a season the world over. According to CFA rules all the animals are examined in open rings. The cats are divided into two groups in accordance with the hair length.

At the rings the Best in the breed or division is chosen, an A animal in each color or color division (according to the standard), also the Best in color. The animals within the breed that participate in the champion class are given prizes from the first prize and as follows. She-cats and he-cats are examined separately.  The judge marks the prize/place of the cat in the breed, or division, or color at the contest by special ribbons of different colors. Each color corresponds to the nomination rank and points. All the points that the cat gets at each ring and show are summarized. Thus the animal participates in the rate list which defines the cat’s place in its breed in the region and the system in general.

In CFA system they have two titles: Champion (CH) and Grand Champion (GCH). To win them the animal is to get the required winner-ribbons and points at the contest. To win the CH title it is necessary to get six winner-ribbons for all the regions. For GCH 200 points are required.     
For the region with special (bonus) points amount it is necessary to get only four winner-ribbons and 75 points to win the Grand Champion title. All post-soviet countries belong to this region.

To know more about the titles follow the link http://www.cfa.org/shows.html

According to CFA:

*The Burmese are examined within two color divisions. All Sable-colored are in Sable division and champagne, blue and platinum cats are in diluted division. The animals compete within the division. The European Burmese is examined as a separate breed within its own standard.

*The Bombays are examined within the breed accordingly. The standard in color for the breed is only black.

*The Asian breed is not recognized in CFA and cannot compete at this system shows. But Canadian and American breeders cooperate with CFA committee to include the breed in the system.