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As well as the standards, the programs of working with one and the same breed in different felinological organizations differ from each other. 
But these differences are less conditional on the historical factors. 
Each organization takes the decision of crossbreeding acceptability or non-acceptability according to their procedures and after finishing special pedigree commissions. 
Meanwhile many genetic aspects are taken into consideration. 
We offer you the main programs of the leading felinological systems on the represented breeds.

By the material preparation for this part the information was taken from the official sites of felinological organizations:  WCF, TICA, CFA, GCCF.

The breeds of Bombay and Burmese are registered quite long ago. The programs of working with these breeds are set down and have practically no changes.

There is a program of working with Asians in many felinological organizations. There are some differences in some of them and there is no in the others. In addition the breed of Asians isn’t recognized by the main felinological organizations in the USA. At the present time the American breeders actively work on the recognition of Asians in their organizations.

We keep up with all changes and additions in the Asian programs.

At the nearest future we plan to consider the program on the breeds of Asians in Australian and New Zealand felinological organization in detail.

New information will be placed in this part.