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Bombay is a very interesting combination of East mystic and modern method of breed creation.

It’s difficult to describe the impressions from meeting this breed of cat.

At first sight, it’s a usual black cat. But as soon as it lifts its eyes to you - the mystic begins: you feel as if you travel to the East tale from the Arabian Nights, to the ancient temple with fragrance and twinkling candles.

These eyes are like coppers: so deep and attractive. They delight, calm, lull and win the heart. They have mind and dignity, wisdom and intellect, light and mystery.

And then you understand that you can’t take your eyes from one more thing – this is its hair. It’s jet-black as coal, as a South night: it glitters in the light, softly twinkling by any movement of the animal. It’s impossible to deny yourself the desire to touch this luxury. And as soon as you do it you are again in the captivity of illusions: now the East silk caress you – softly, gently and luxuriously. And under this incredibly attractive hair you feel a strong muscular body of an ancient athlete. And now you wish already to posses this small domestic panther at any cost.

It’s the wish to have an animal, resembling an ancient ancestor, but possessing a perfect and gentle character, that made the American breeders to create this breed of cats.
In 1953 in the state of Kentucky a breeder Nicki Horner began the program on creation of a domestic mini-panther – a black cat with golden eyes. The breeding (coupling)of Black American Short-haired cat and sable Burmese was conducted for that. 23 long years of laborious work have passed from the first breeding till the breed recognition. As far as Nicki Horner presented this breed as a black leopard from India, she called it after the Indian city Bombay.

The first organization, which registered Bombay as a breed and admitted it to the participation in the Championship, was the American organization CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association). It happened in 1976. http://www.cfa.org/breeds/profiles/bombay.html

Today the breed of Bombay is accepted in all leading American felinological organizations.
Till now the breedings (couplings)of Bombays with sable Burmese and Black American Shorthairs are allowed.
"Outcrossing to Black American Shorthairs and sable Burmese is still allowed. " http://www.cfa.org/breeds/profiles/bombay.html

Along with Bombay, bred by the American breeders on the base of Burmese and American Short-haired, there also exists the so called Asian Bombay. This is the animal, in the creating program of which the Burmese is also used. But the second breed, appearing in the first generations of Asian Bombay ancestors will be Persian chinchilla or British chinchilla. It means that the Burmese breeders got the animals of pure black colour in the second or third generation. It’s quite explainable and natural from the point of view of genetics. Along with Burmillas the animals of pure (non-burmese) colours including black were bred in the second generation. And also Tabby (including ticked) colours. Later this group of animals got the name of  the Asian Group of Breeds. And the animals of pure colours in this group got the name of the Asian Self (including Bombay).

The first organization, which registered the Asian Group of Breeds was GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy).

Then the Asian Group was registered by Australian СССА (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) and South African (Southern African Cat Council) - SACC.
But if the aim of the American breeders was the creation of the black cat (on the base of Burmese) – Bombay. the aim of the British breeders was the creation of Burmilla (i.e. the Burmese Silvershaded cats). And the other animals, except silver and Burmese colours, which were bred in sufficient amount, were united into the Asian group. As at that moment the breed of Bombay had already existed and had been registered, the Black Asian Self was also called Bombay.
It’s obvious, that the programs, due to which Bombays were bred were different on different continents. In the first place they differed from each other by the animal breeds, which were involved in this process. In America it’s the American Short-haired. In Great Britain – the Persian and the British chinchillas.

The only thing that unites these programs is the use of the Burmese breed.
But a different kind of Burmese is used: the American and European. That’s why there is the difference in the Bombays’ appearance, bred in the result of the different programs.

But in spite of the presence of various programs of breeding, the cats of this breed are quite rare at the exhibitions all over the world. That’s why we can surely call Bombay a black pearl, as it’s so beautiful and rare. The Belarusian breeders imported the first Bombay from the USA in 2005. Since then the number of fans of this breed has been increasing.

In 2009 a monobreeding Bombays show “A Black Pearl” was held for the first time in the framework of  WCF exhibition. 14 cats of the Belarusian breeding took part in the exhibition.
The cats of the Belarusian breeding are successfully exhibited at the exhibitions of TICA. In their work the breeders follow the program and standards of CFA.