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About breed: Asian cats 

The beauty and greatness of wild nature always attract the eyes. And you want to own at least a part of this luxury. Cats are its small part, which we let in our house and life. The uniqueness and attractiveness of Asians are in amazing resemblance with the ancient ancestors. Their various colours give them unique charm. But in spite of their wild look, they are affectionate and sociable cats. They are completely devoted to their owner. Giving no troubles they participate in housework with great pleasure. They are glad to demonstrate themselves to everyone, who wants to communicate with them, rubbing their backs against hands and singing a triumphal song in a loud and clear voice. 
Not only their hair is silk. They have a perfect silk character. You can always negotiate with them: what they cannot or can do. Refinement is in their blood. No wonder. They have the blood of Burmeses – the aesthetes of cat world. 
Due to the accidental breeding of violet Burmese and Persian Chinchilla the first silver Burmeses appeard. It happened in Great Britain in 1981 in the cattery of the breeder Miranda Von Kirhberg. 
With the help of geneticists and GCCF experts she developed and began the program on the introduction of silver colours in the breed of Burmese. 
Following the program Miranda bred silver animals with Burmese again in order to return unique Burmese hair and type. In the result in litters not only silver kittens were born, but also marking, ticked and solid without traditional Burmese markings (shades). Also longhair kittens of these colours were born. 
This group was called Asian. There are Burmillas (silver shaded), Asian Selfs (solid without Burmese markings), Asian Tabbies (all marking, including ticked). Animals with long hair were referred to Semi-longhair and were called Tiffany. They have the same colours as Shorthair Asians. 
Miranda Von Kirhenberg’s program wasn’t the only. 
In 1979 Margaret Henderson in the Netherlands began her own program. She bred a Burmese female with a home Tabby male. She got marking kittens. 
At the same time a similar program was started in New Zealand. Its aim was also to breed silver Burmese. The work was started in 1982. In 1986 NZCF registered already silver colour of Burmese. Solid animals without Burmese markings, which were received in the litters, were called Mandalay. 
Today Mandalay has the following colours: black, chocolate, blue, lilac, red and cream. 
In different felinological organizations there are some differences in the standards of Asians, because there were several programs. And except Burmese as a main breed different breeds of cats were used there. At different times and in different programs the animals of Abyssinian, British, Persian, European Shorthair breeds and home cats were used to vary the colours. But in all systems the Asian standards practically copy the Burmese standard accepted by this felinological organization. 
Asians are elegant cats of medium size. Hair should be short, lie close to the body, its texture should be smooth and silk with pleasant shine. Asian Semi-longhair (Tiffanies) should have semi-long hair without thick underfur. 
Any similarity with Siamese or British type isn’t allowed. 
To find out more about the standards of Asians you can in the corresponding part. 

Asians in Belarus

In due time we didn’t resist the temptation to get Burmese of another colours, than accepted for this breed. 
The first breeding was in 2003. A British Chinchilla female was bred with a Sable Burmese male. In the first litter Burmilla (ns 11), Burmoir (ns 12) and Asian Tabby were got. 
Then the animals of the first litter, Burmilla and Asian Tabby, were bred with Burmeses. And again they got the same colours (silver and ticked). Then the next generation of Asian Tabby from different parents was bred between themselves. In the litter only ticked kittens, but different colours (black and blue) were got. Earlier a female Burmilla was brought in Minsk, the parents of which were Persian Chinchilla and Lilac Burmese. She was also bred with a Burmese male. There were silver and ticked kittens without silver – Burmillas and Asian Tabbies, and also solid black and chocolate kittens – Asian Selfs in the litter. 

A Burmilla female of this litter was bred with a Red Burmese male and again Burmillas, Asian Tabbies and Asian Selfs were got in the litter. At the present time we have the animals of the third generation. The breeders of Asians plan to continue the breeding program of Burmillas and Asian Tabbies. And also dream to get cats with long hair – Tiffany.